Corporate Governance & Team
Zanetaz integrated its operations under the leadership and supervision of Young Visionary Director Mr. Amit Ostawal assisted by a qualified & experienced Team of professionals in the fields of Production, Marketing, HR, Finance, Purchase and Administration, who are committed with potential and passion to perform and improve Proficiency, Productivity and Efficiency.

Under the Heritage label, we focus our sales primarily on the retail market, which includes national drug wholesalers, distributors, cooperatives and chain pharmacies. We also promote the sales efforts of wholesalers and drug distributors that sell Heritage’s products to clinics, governmental agencies and other managed health care organizations.

WE stagnate an impressive portfolio of products with productive alliances and partnerships to develop quality medicinal products which conveys innovative solutions. From discovery to development to commercialization, our growth is aided by cost-effective drug development and substantial manufacturing across the globe.

Zanetaz Medicorp have an open and collaborative approach to business, which is underpinned by values and the attitude to drive them, to the strategic direction of the company, we are encouraged and expected to express our opinions and generate new ideas that will help us achieve our aims.