Appropriate compounds & combinations are very important for effective cure. This has empowered us to be leading manufacturers of therapeutic quality generic formulations in form of tablets and liquid orals, Capsules,  Injections, Ointments, Suspensions, Nutraceuticals like :
Generic Drug Description COMPOSITION Strength
(in mg)
Cefozane T (Inj) Cefoperazone + Tazobactum 1000 + 125mg
Cefuzact-250 (Tab) Cefuroxime Axetil 250 mg
Cefuzact-500 (Tab) Cefuroxime Axetil 500 mg
Cefuzact-SB 2.25gm (Inj) Cefuroxime Sodium + Sulbactum 1500 + 750 mg
Citinerz-500 (Inj) Citicoline Sodium 500 mg
Citinerz-500 (Tab) Citicoline Sodium chewable tablets 500 mg
Diclozat-AQ (Inj) Diclofenac Sodium Aqueous Base 75 mg per ml
Lizodact-600 (Tab) Linezolid 600 mg
Lizodact-600 IV (Inj) Linezolid 600 mg
Maxivion Forte (softgel) antioxidant & multivitamin capsule first time in india Coenzyme Q10, Methylcobalamin, Amino acid & Trace element 1 Amp in Dispo pack
Maxivion Syp(Antioxidant,multivitamin & multimineral) Complete multi vitamin 200ml
Merozact-TZ 1.125gm (Inj) Meropenem + Tazobactum 1 gm + 125mg
Nitrovil-2.6 CR (Tab) Nitroglycerin Controlled Release 2.6 mg
Ormol IV (Inj) Paracetamol 1000 mg
Rabesine Inj. Rabeprazole 20mg
Rabesine-20 (Tab) Rabeprazole 20 mg
Rabesine-DSR (Caps) Rabeprazole + Domperidone 20 mg + 30mg
Urifex-40(Tab) Febuxostat 40mg
Urifex-80(Tab) Febuxostat 80mg
Zanelox-500(Tab) Levofloxacin 500mg
Zanelox IV (Inj) Levofloxacin 500 mg
Zybelol Inj. Labtalol 20mg per 4ml
Zybelol Tab Labetalol 100mg